On this page you will find a selection of videos on Thinking & Working Politically.

Thinking and Working Politically (Yangon, October 2016)

On 3-4 October 2016, British Council, Pyoe Pin, The Asia Foundation and UK DFID co-hosted a two day conference on ‘Thinking and Working Politically’ (TWP) for more effective and sustainable development assistance. The event brought together international donors, implementing agencies and local partners. Participants compared experiences on what has worked, where and why – both in Myanmar, and across the world including case studies from Sudan, Zambia and the Philippines.

Development and politics, a new opportunity

On 8 May 2015, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) hosted its third annual meeting of its Board of Governors, management and institutional partners. The topic of this year’s meeting was “Thinking and Working Politically in Development Post-2015”. The aim of the meeting was to identify the benefits and risks of more politically informed approaches to development and to look into the practical implications of thinking and working politically (TWP) for development agencies and practitioners.

Politics in development: Duncan Green, Sr. Strategic Adviser, Oxfam UK

This talk by Duncan Green is part of the ECDPM meeting (see above), and here he talks about the importance of being aware of systems of power and how this can shape development outcomes.

Politics in development: Dominique Dellicour, former EU ambassador Senegal

This interview with Dominique Dellicour is part of the ECDPM meeting (see above), and here she talks about how development programs need to move past technical solutions and towards a deeper understanding the complex interests and political powers at play. She touches on where development is at with TWP and how to move forward.

KSI Podcast Series – the Contribution of Research in the Formulation of the Village Law

Published on 11/05/15, this video focuses on policy research, considering what it means to think and work politically as well as what makes this type of research inherently political. It features Arnaldo Pellini who wrote Working Politically: a story of change of the contribution of research evidence to the new Village Law in Indonesia (2014).

David Booth: politically smart development assistance

At the University of Birmingham on 15 October 2015, David Booth discussed whether politically smart development assistance could be done. Dr Booth drew on his experience and research in the Philippines to explore issues and debates introduced in his Professional Development Reading Pack on ‘Thinking and Working Politically.’