Webinar: Reviewing the evidence

From thinking to working politically: Reviewing the evidence on the integration of politics into development practice over the past decade

Ed Laws, Overseas Development Institute

Ed Laws is a research officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). He has previously worked for the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre and Developmental Leadership Program at the University of Birmingham. He specialises in political economy and political settlements analysis. He has a PhD in Politics from the University of York.

Thursday 8 March 2018
University of Birmingham

A number of major donors have recently seen a growth of interest in incorporating a closer understanding of and engagement with politics in the design and implementation of their programmes. For the past year, a small team within IDD has been working on a DFID-funded project designed to evaluate the evidence on thinking and working politically, and to stimulate new research and engagement in this area. This work includes an upcoming synthesis report reflecting on ten years of evidence on the integration of politics into development practice. At this seminar event, the author, Ed Laws, will deliver a presentation on the main findings before taking questions from the floor. We hope that this event will encourage reflection on the significant advances that have been made in the past decade or so to integrate politics more closely into development thinking and practice, but also some of the challenges and questions that remain.

Download TWP synthesis presentation