Steering Committee

The Community of Practice is supported by a Steering Committee, which includes:

  • Saku Akmeemana, World Bank
  • Taylor Brown, Palladium
  • Duncan Green, Oxfam
  • David Hudson, University College London
  • Stefan Kossoff, UK Department for International Development
  • Debra Ladner, The Asia Foundation
  • Heather Marquette, University of Birmingham
  • Neil McCulloch, Oxford Policy Management
  • Thomas Parks, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • Alina Rocha Menocal, University of Birmingham/Overseas Development Institute
  • Graham Teskey, ant JTA Australia
  • Leni Wild, Overseas Development Institute
  • Lisa Williams, US Agency for International Development
  • Alan Whaites, Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development

[Members of the TWP Community of Practice participate in a personal capacity and the outputs of the group represent the evolving thinking of individuals rather than organisational agreements. Personal contributions to this site represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of others, nor of any organisations.]