The TWP CoP Secretariat, hosted in the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham, provides the strategic direction of the TWP CoP antakes the lead on programme management, the coordination and implementation of CoP activities, and communications. The Secretariat Team includes:

Alina Rocha Menocal, TWP CoP Director and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee

Alina was a founding member of the Community of Practice in 2013, and now alongside working as a Senior Research Fellow at ODI, has taken the lead as TWP CoP Director. Her areas of expertise include: governance and institutional transformation; state- and peace-building and (post-)conflict trajectories; conflict and fragility; political settlements and the politics of inclusion; corruption and anti-corruption efforts; democracy/democratisation and the challenges of multiple dimensions of institutional transformation; political economy analysis/Thinking and Working Politically. Previously, Alina worked as Senior Democracy Fellow on Applied Political Economy at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (2016-2020) and as a Senior Research Fellow of the Developmental Leadership Program at the University of Birmingham (2014-2016). She holds a BA from Yale University in political science, and a MIA on Economic and Political Development and a MPhil in Political Science/Comparative Politics from Columbia University.

Katherine Hellier, TWP CoP Programme and Communications Manager

Katherine joined the TWP CoP in November 2021, and is responsible for the overall management of the programme including funder engagement, financial and progress reporting, and takes the lead on all communications activities. Prior to working at the TWP CoP, she completed her MA in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, where she also worked as a Research Assistant working on a project for the World Food Programme. She has various experience in Communications, including having worked as a Communications and Fundraising Intern at the Latin American Foundation for the Future. For all enquiries related to the TWP CoP, please email Katherine at:

Prof. Heather Marquette, Lead Advisor

Heather is Professor in Development Politics in the International Development Department, University of Birmingham, where she leads a new research workstream on ‘Corruption & Organised Crime’ as part of the Institute for Global Innovation‘s 21st Century Transnational Crime research cluster. Her research interests are broadly in the politics of development, as well as corruption,  governance, crime and aid policy. She is seconded part-time to FCDO as a Senior Research Fellow (Governance & Conflict), working with the Governance, Conflict & Social Development Research & Evidence Division team. She is also a member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime‘s expert network. Heather provides strategic direction and guidance to the Community of Practice, and was a founding member of the community in 2013.