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TWP CoP May Newsletter

Welcome to the May 2022 TWP newsletter! This edition features an interview with Pilar Domingo on TWP and the women, security and conflict agenda, as well as a feature from Bruce Byiers on the importance of TWP-ing about regional integration. As always, we bring to you the latest publications, events, and resources on all things TWP.

TWP CoP March Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2022 TWP newsletter! This edition features an interview with democracy support specialist Idayat Hassan, as well as the latest news and updates on all things TWP, including a round-up of our global webinar series.

TWP CoP January Newsletter

Happy New Year! And welcome to our January newsletter. This edition brings to you the latest news of the CoP, including the publication of Graham Teskey’s new think piece on ‘TWP; What have we learned since 2013?’, the launch of our global webinar series and much more!

TWP CoP November Newsletter

Welcome to our November 2021 Newsletter. This edition features an interview with Wilf Mwamba, a review of ‘The Afghan Papers’ by Diana Cammack, and much more. We hope you enjoy and happy reading!

TWP CoP September Newsletter

Welcome to the new Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice Newsletter! Readers will find a huge range of relevant resources, as well as features on localisation as well as Afghanistan. We hope you enjoy!