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12-14th September 2016 – Development Studies Association Conference

Politics in Development

Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford


The 2016 annual conference of the Development Studies Association (DSA) will be hosted by the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) at the University of Oxford from 12 to 14 September. The conference will take place in the historic Examination Schools in the centre of the city, with accommodation provided in nearby colleges.

We warmly invite all interested researchers to join us in Oxford for the DSA2016 conference. There will be three days of scintillating keynotes, plenary sessions and parallel panels, interspersed with a dinner, drinks reception and book launch and exhibits. We expect over 400 academics and practitioners to participate in this exciting programme. The conference is titled Politics in Development, and a brief theme describes a possible focus for some of the panels and papers. While papers directly addressing the conference theme are particularly encouraged, proposals on any issue relevant to the understanding of international development are welcomed.

A selection of the panels which will run:

Thinking and working politically about corruption and anti-corruption

Convenor – Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham)

Chair – Professor Paul Heywood

This panel builds on recent advanced theoretical work on corruption and its control, combining principal-agent, collective action, and corruption-as-problem-solving analysis, to consider how thinking and working more “politically” may help better address corruption.

Thinking and working politically in practice: learning from success and failure and the implications for future research

Convenor – Robert Morris (Oxford Policy Management); Neil McCulloch (Oxford Policy Management); Tim Kelsall (ODI).

Chair – Neil McCulloch

This panel brings together academics and practitioners to explore opportunities and challenges of implementing politically smart and adaptive development interventions. It draws out implications for theory and a research agenda to advance understanding of how better to think and work politically

The politics of public sector transformations

Convenor – Pablo Yanguas (University of Manchester)

The public sector remains an inescapable component of development. Moving beyond the limited agenda of public sector reform, this interdisciplinary panel addresses public sector transformation as a contentious and transnational process of organisational and political change.

26-28th April 2016 – Asian Development Bank event

Meet Lucy: New Ideas in Governance – Do They Work in Practice?

ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines. For me details see here


The aim of the event is to improve the dialogue, debate and collaboration in ADB and GIZ, and with their partners in government, business and civil society around governance and institutional performance issues. At the end of the event, it is the aim to have a number of specific recommendations on how to strengthen and mainstream attention to governance and institutional issues in the development collaboration between e.g. ADB and GIZ in the region.

The event program will be highly interactive, avoid lengthy presentations and aim at creating engaging exchanges between the new propositions and participants. Short to-the-point case studies will help ground the debate, so that it focuses on how to deal with the often thorny and complex governance and institutional performance issues in daily, practical work.

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Past Events

20th January 2016 – ODI event

Putting the politics into international public health

Contributing Chair:

Tim Kelsall – ODI


Olivia Tulloch – ODI; Lilian Otiso – LVCT Health, Kenya; Miriam Taegtmeyer – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; Vicki Doyle – Capacity Development International.

There has been a surge of interest from donors and the international development community in the concept of adaptive development and what it may look like in different sectors, including health.  Adaptive types of programming from the health sector are relatively advanced. As we work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), experiences in health can provide useful lessons for other areas of development.  The international health community may not use the label ‘adaptive development’, but many are already conducting adaptive work.

This event brings together experts from the international health and international development communities to present and discuss work on adaptive programming in the health sector, and in particular the tried and tested approach of ‘quality improvement’.

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